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Hennepin County is Strengthening the Community One Volunteer at a Time

Hennepin County is looking for volunteers in an array of opportunities. Their website stresses the need for volunteers to strengthen the community. Nothing says commitment like a consistent volunteer giving their time to a cause or to help others.

Hennepin County has an entire section of their website dedicated to this cause of gathering volunteers for a variety of needs. Some commitments are bigger than others, but oftentimes, the need is only a few hours a month. But if you want to help more, I'm sure no one will mind. The site offers information about volunteer opportunities at golf courses, highway programs, gardens, libraries, the sheriff’s office, juvenile detention centers, and even correctional facilities. Whatever you are comfortable with, the community could always use more volunteers to fill voids.

The juvenile detention and correctional facilities opportunities might be a little daunting, but these people are arguably the most in need of strong mentors or role models to show them the good in life. Volunteering is a selfless act, and what better way to show those with troubled pasts the good in humanity by giving your time to help their lives or hone their skills.

The impact on the lives of those you work with cannot be calculated. Volunteering is one of the building blocks of a strong community. Not only is it beneficial to those in need, but volunteering can lead to fortifying your own job skills and building your resume. Consider giving your time to help build a stronger Hennepin County for the future.

For more information, visit the Hennepin County Community Volunteers page.

Posted on December 26 2012