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ICE System Stops Cars Faster on Icy Roads

Local Minnetonka inventor Jim Skarie thinks he has found a solution to cars skidding all over Minnesota roads during the winter months. He has developed and patented a system that significantly shortens the stopping time for vehicles on icy surfaces. Not coincidentally, the name of his product is Integrated Coefficient Enhancement, or ICE for short.

The system works by getting an abrasive material under the wheels when the car is sliding on a slippery surface. ICE isn’t in production mode yet as Skarie is still working out the kinks and figuring out a way to get his system working flawlessly. Check out the video below to get a look at how ICE works and how drastically it helps stop the pickup truck on the ice.

Skarie is pitching his product to the auto industry, a task that is never simple by any means (change is never easy).

"Well I'm talking to people in Detroit, Continental Auto, GM, some of those guys, and they all say they're interested but it's tough to get in the door there," Skarie said.

But from what the video shows, I would not be surprised to ICE equipped on vehicles in the future. The results speak for themselves, now Skarie and the auto builders need to find a way to get this tech integrated into cold weather vehicles. From those exposed to this invention who drive in slippery conditions the reaction is all the same, “When and where can we get it?”

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Posted on February 16 2013